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Ocean Rover

Since acquiring the Ocean Rover in the spring of 1997, American Seafoods has invested in numerous technological upgrades of her fishing and processing platforms, ensuring that she remains a state-of the-art seafood processor.

Ocean Rover

Two-level factory, Class DNV +1A1 – ICE 1C Stern Trawler

Frozen cargo tonnage 1,100 mt
Length overall 78 m / 256 ft
Fish meal cargo tonnage 255 mt
Speed in service 15 kts
Fish oil holding metric tons 172 mt
Accommodations for 138
Power no Wartsila 12-V32E @ 720rpm 4,860 kW / 6,500 Hp

The Ocean Rover was converted at Norway’s Langstein Shipyard into a contemporary catch/processor in 1990. Her processing operation is divided between two decks, allowing for greater flexibility in adapting to changing fishing conditions or changing product demand.

The Ocean Rover also operates as a mothership processor for Pacific hake in the Pacific Northwest.

Currently harvesting in Alaska and Pacific Northwest fisheries

  • Alaska pollock
  • Pacific hake (whiting)
  • Yellowfin sole