Our Vessels

Northern Jaeger

This modern catcher processor is designed to produce the highest quality seafood products available from the sustainable fisheries of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. Within hours of harvest she converts her catch at the peak of its quality into such seafood products as frozen surimi, fillet, roe, fishmeal and fish oil.

Northern Jaeger

One-level factory, Class DNV +1A1 – ICE C Stern Trawler

Frozen cargo tonnage 1400 mt ton
Length overall 102.5 m / 336 ft
Fishmeal hold tonnage 300 mt
Speed in service 14 kts
Fish Oil in metric tons 182 mt
Accommodations for 135
Propulsion to the wheel 5,625 kW / 7,600 Hp

The Northern Jaeger was converted at Seebeck Shipyards, Germany in 1989/90 and is a single-level processing vessel (all processing takes place on the same deck level). Our second-longest vessel, she can produce more than 100 mt of finished frozen products a day.

Currently harvesting in Alaska and Pacific Northwest fisheries

  • Alaska Pollock
  • Pacific hake (whiting)
  • Yellowfin sole