Our Vessels

American Triumph

The American Triumph is our most powerful at-sea processor. She also boasts the largest frozen hold capacity of any of our two-level processing vessels.

American Triumph

Two-level factory, Class DNV +1A1 – ICE 1C Stern Trawler

Frozen cargo tonnage 1,430 mt
Length overall 87 m / 285 FT
Fishmeal cargo tonnage 260 mt
Speed in service 15 KTS
Fish Oil in metric tons 201 mt
Accommodations for 130
Propulsion to wheel 5920 kW / 8200 Hp

She was converted at Langstein Shipyard in Norway into a contemporary catch/processor in 1990.

Currently harvesting in Alaska and Pacific Northwest fisheries

  • Alaska pollock
  • Pacific hake (whiting)
  • Yellowfin sole