Environmental Sustainability


American Seafoods, in cooperation with the other Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers®, has developed a system that allows us to completely trace our products — from the final fillet or surimi block all the way back to the harvesting vessel, its position, the date and time of catch, and the specific haul. Real-time satellite technology also allows our vessels to track the exact position of our vessels at any given time.

Product traceability measures:

  1. All harvesting boats are monitored using a vessel monitoring system that tracks the location and movement of the boat during each trip.
  2. Each of our vessels, as well as their NMFS observers, record catch and area information on a tow-by-tow basis and report this data to NMFS daily.
  3. Every product is stamped with a date code that indicates the processing date, time and plant.
  4. From the date code, we can trace back to incoming product data, including temperature and quality of fish as it enters the plant, when it was caught, and the vessel that caught it.
  5. Also using the date code, we can track specific quality data, including defects, grades, weights and laboratory test results.
  6. From the incoming product data, we can trace back to the harvest information. Each boat keeps a report on each tow made during a specific trip, including the location of the tow, the time and date, and the weight of the harvest.

source: Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers®