Environmental Sustainability

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The [U.S. Alaska] pollock fishery stands out because the data are excellent, the harvest control rules are conservative, and there is an ecosystem-wide cap on catch. Few fisheries in the world have this level of observer coverage and frequency of surveys. The harvest control rule allows for a relatively small fraction of the total stock to be harvested. The average since 1991 has been 15%. Finally the ecosystem-wide maximum of catch of 2 million metric tons provides some security that the entire ecosystem will not be nearly as heavily impacted as is common elsewhere.

— Professor Ray Hilborn (from “Overfishing: What Everyone Should Know” Oxford Press, 2012)

American Seafoods’ products are among the most environmentally friendly proteins in the world. The sustainability of the fisheries we participate in is the foundation of our business. If our fisheries resources are not managed in a manner that assures abundant harvests in the future, the economic viability of our company would be put at risk. However, our responsibilities extend well beyond the biological health of the species we harvest and process and the ecosystems in which they live. We are also sensitive to the overall environmental footprint of our products. We are global leaders in the promotion of the sustainable management of our fisheries resources and we are dedicated to identifying the broader environmental impacts of our fishing and processing, as well as the distribution of our products.

All four of the fisheries we participate in — Alaska pollock, Pacific cod and yellowfin sole in the Bering Sea off Alaska and the Pacific hake off Washington and Oregon — have been sustainably managed for decades. As the interest in sustainability of seafood has grown and programs that independently document such sustainability have evolved, American Seafoods has worked with the other participants in those fisheries to obtain and provide assurances of sustainable management.

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