Our Supply Chain


Our efficiency doesn’t end when the fish come aboard. Our six catcher processors are equipped with leading-edge technology that enables them to create a wide variety of products utilizing all the catch within just a few short hours of harvest. These products include single-frozen whole fillet blocks; surimi made from fresh, whole fillets; roe products prized in Asian markets for their unique quality; ultra-pure fish oil that is in high demand for nutritional supplements; and fish meal used as a primary ingredient in aquaculture feeds. This diagram illustrates how and in what sequence the products are produced on board our vessels.

  1. Holding – Catches held here prior to release for processing as needed.
  2. Weighing and sorting – All catch is weighed by “flow scales” ensuring accurate catch accounting. Two Independent observers on board assure catch weight accuracy and quantify and report bycatch real time. Machines sort fish by size for precise filleting and maximum recovery.
  3. Filleting – State of the art filleting machines remove heads and organs, extract roe (when in season) and fillets are skinned.
  4. Roe grading and packing –Roe is sorted into grades and carefully packed for immediate freezing.
  5. Block packing – Surimi and fillets packed into special liners for freezing.
  6. Surimi production – Fillets enter machines that convert them to surimi, a primary ingredient in many food items such as ‘kamaboko” imitation crab products.
  7. Freezing – Hydraulic plate freezers freeze fillet and blocks to – 22o F core temperature. Hydraulic pressure assures precise dimensions for fillet and minced blocks.
  8. Boxing – Blocks of fillets (3) and surimi (2) are packed into master cases.
  9. Frozen cold storage – Hold stores all frozen production until off-loading.
  10. White Fish Meal and fish oil production – Solid fish by-products are cooked and used to produce our specialized “White Fish Meal” products used in animal feeds. By-products are also used to make aqua-grade fish oil for use in animal feeds and human nutritional supplements.