Our Supply Chain


Our six state-of-the-art catcher processors use trawl nets as their method of harvest. Trawling is the most efficient way to harvest large volumes of whitefish species that school at various ocean depths. The vast majority of the fish we catch are Alaska pollock and Pacific hake. With approximately 45 percent of the at-sea quota for Alaska pollock, American Seafoods Company accounts for the largest share of the U.S. at-sea quota by far. We are also the largest participant in the at-sea Pacific hake fishery with approximately 50 percent of the quota.

In the Alaska pollock and Pacific hake fisheries, our catcher processors use what are known as mid-water or pelagic trawl nets. These nets are designed to minimize the harvest’s impact on the environment.

The mid-water or ‘pelagic’ trawl gear used to catch Alaska pollock is highly efficient, and has a very low rate of bycatch relative to the amount of harvested pollock.”

– New England Aquarium