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Pacific hake

Pacific hake (Merluccius productus)

Pacific hake, also known regionally as Pacific whiting, is an important commercial fish species in the Pacific Northwest off the coast of Washington, Oregon, California and British Columbia. These fast-growing fish can reach a length of 3 feet (91 cm), averaging from 1 to 2 pounds (0.45 to 0.9 kg) and producing fillets that range from 2 to 4 ounces (0.06 to 0.11 kg) in weight. Pacific hake have a taste similar to the other hake species found throughout the world, with a delicate texture and mild, slightly sweet taste.


Nutrition information

Serving size 100 g (raw)
Calories 90
Protein 18.31 g
Total Fat 1.31 g
Saturated fatty acids 0.247 g
Carbohydrate 0
Total sugars 0
Total dietary fiber 0
Cholesterol 67 mg
Selenium 32.1 mcg
Sodium 72 mg
Omega-3 fatty acids 260 mg
Source: NOAA Fishwatch, SeafoodSource


Pacific hake range from the Southern Baja California off the coast of Mexico to the Gulf of Alaska, although the fishery is limited to the Washington, Oregon California area and the Canadian province of British Columbia.

Harvesting method

In U.S. waters, Pacific hake are harvested using mid-water, also called “pelagic” trawl gear. Quotas are allocated among catcher-processors, such as those owned and operated by American Seafoods, and vessels delivering to shore-based processors and mothership processors.

Fishery management

Pacific hake are what is known as a “trans-boundary” stock in that they migrate between U.S. and Canadian waters. The Pacific hake stock is sustainably managed by the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), a division of the United States Department of Commerce. Biological catch limits are determined by impartial scientists who work for NMFS, State fisheries agencies and universities. Quotas are set at or below the biological limits by the Pacific Fishery Management Council, a body made up of knowledgeable private citizens and State and Federal government officials. The total quota is allocated between the United States and Canada under a treaty that was signed by the two countries in 2007. Under this agreement, the United States is allocated approximately 74 percent of the quota and Canada receives 26 percent. Within the United States, the U.S. share is further allocated between the catcher-processor, shore-based and mothership sectors. Certain tribes in the Pacific Northwest are also allocated a share of the quota subject to their ability to harvest it. More information on the management of the Pacific hake fishery is available on www.fishwatch.gov.

The Pacific hake fishery was certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council in 2009 and re-certified in 2014. More information on that certification and the sustainability of the fishery is available on www.msc.org.


Our Pacific hake products

Whole fillet blocks

Our products AK pollock filletsAmerican Seafoods Company is the world’s largest at-sea producers of single-frozen Pin Bone Out (PBO), Deep-Skinned (DS) and Pin Bone In (PBI) whole fillet blocks made from Pacific hake. Our 16.5 lb (7.48 kg) whole fillet blocks are compression-frozen within just hours of harvest to the exact dimensions to provide trouble-free value added processing. Our whole fillet hake blocks are produced into a variety of seasoned, breaded and battered fish portions and fish fingers and sold into both foodservice and retail outlets around the world. Kamoboko products made from our surimi have a delicate taste and firm texture making them ideal for a wide variety of healthy dishes including snacks, appetizers, side dishes, soups, casseroles and salads, and are consumed in Japan, Korea and other countries and regions.


Our Products AK pollock and hake surimiAmerican Seafoods Company is the world’s largest at-sea producer of surimi blocks made from Pacific hake fillets. Our surimi is quick frozen at-sea on board the vessels that catch the fish, enabling us to minimize the time from harvest to freezing to ensure the freshest and most consistent quality surimi on the market. American Seafoods’ surimi is sold to customers around the world and is highly-regarded for its consistent quality and attributes that makes it perfect for a growing range of surimi seafoods, including premium crabsticks, and for the wide variety of “Kamaboko” products in Asian markets.

Headed and gutted (H&G)

Our H&G Pacific hake is sold into international markets where it is sold as a consumer product into retail and also further processed into fillets.


Our products AK pollock and hake mincedAmerican Seafoods Company produces high quality minced Pacific hake blocks for retail and foodservice breaded and battered portions.

White fish meal

American Seafoods Company is the world’s largest at-sea producer of White Fish Meal.  It is produced immediately after harvest on board the same vessel that catches the fish.  Our White Fish meal has high protein content and top freshness.  It is the fish meal with the lowest TVN and histamine on the market, which is what makes the White Fish meal different from the more abundant Red Fish meal made from pelagic fish.  White Fish meal is irreplaceable for some high value aquaculture species that need this particular kind of fish meal in their diet.

Fish oil

Our Products fish oilAmerican Seafoods Company produces at-sea, aqua-grade crude fish oil renowned for its high quality, freshness and purity as it is processed within just a few hours of harvest on our catcher processors.  Because of its high nutritional content, our fish oil is a prized ingredient for use in aquaculture feeds and is further refined and finished products used in omega-3 human nutritional supplements, biodiesel and other chemical and industrial applications.